Tucked just inside Picayune MS is a treasure yet to be discovered by many nature lovers. Sponsored by MS State University, Crosby Arboretum is home to acres of vast trails and wildlife. The Arboretum offers year 'round activities for youth as well as 'established' ages, from hikes upon which you will discover unique mushrooms and blooms to music and festivals. You can sign up for photography class or history sessions. There is something for everyone. Open most days throughout the year.





The Crosby Arboretum is dedicated to educating the public about their environment. This mission is carried out by preserving, protecting, and displaying plants native to the Pearl River Drainage Basin ecosystem, providing environmental and botanical research opportunities, and offering cultural, scientific, and recreational programs. The Arboretum displays three basic habitats found in this ecosystem. They are a Savanna exhibit, a Woodland exhibit, and an Aquatic exhibit. Both drastic and subtle changes in landscape patterns can be observed within each exhibit. In addition to the 104-acre interpretive site, the Arboretum also collectively maintains 700 acres of off-site natural areas that are preserved for scientific study.