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The New Arbor Lake development is nestled in the high hills of Pearl River County, Mississippi.

Immediately upon arrival, you will notice that New Arbor Lakes' crowning features are its great expanse of oak trees and lakes that are spread throughout its 900 acres of rolling countryside.

The property sites are roomy and private, giving its homeowners a great sense of freedom and peacefulness. Overcrowding or overbuilding will never be an issue here as it is in many other developments.

New Arbor Lake is centrally located between Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and New Orleans, Louisiana (about an hour either way). we are a short 15-minute drive from Bogalusa, Louisiana, or to Poplarville or Picayune, Mississippi. A 45-minute drive would find you in Gulfport, Mississippi, or Slidell, Louisiana.

The centerpiece to the property is a mile long 135-acre lake formed by damming two adjacent valleys. Several smaller lakes enhance many home sites off the main lake.
Prior to flooding, thousands of oak trees were removed from the lake bed to higher ground that were then artistically spaced along roads and future driveways on home sites. This required years of painstaking work. The end result meant the preservation of the mighty trees that are now providing shade and beauty for future generations-hence the name "New Arbor" Lakes. In addition to the aggressive maintenance of older and supplanted oaks, the New Arbor Lake development continues to mature younger seedlings in what will finally become one of the largest - if not the largest- live oak plantation in the country.

In addition, the lakes themselves flow through and touch most of the properties, affording everyone a view. The lakes have also been designed to promote an ideal habitat for fish growth and have a managed bass population, creating an ideal, private, and peaceful setting for the fisherman.

If you are not a fisherman however, and just crave a quiet setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, water sports have been prohibited and all boats have been speed restricted to ensure no wakes or loud engine noise.

Discover peace and serenity in an oasis of oak trees and tranquil waters in the hills of Mississippi.